Company Infomation

Company name:
Achievement Corporation
Chairman and President:
Satoshi Aoki
October, 1987
Staff members:

Achievement Honolulu Training Center:

723 Maoniala St. Honolulu, Hawaii 96821, USA


Chairman and President:
Satoshi Aoki
Senior Executive Director:
Hiroko Aoki
Executive Advisor:
Eiro Sato
Special Advisor:
Masaki Kakitani (Former Professor, School of Psychology, RISSHO University)
Shingo Okumura (Tax Accountant)

Advisory Board:

Special Advisors:
Carleen H. Glasser (President, Glasser Inc.)
Robert E. Wubbolding (EdD, Professor Emeritus, Xavier University)
Rhon Carleton (Senior Instructor, William Glasser Institute)
Youji Otani (Lawyer)
Toshiyuki Takahashi (Tax Accountant)
Kouji Sakamoto (PhD, Regional Policy Design, Hosei Graduate School)
Yoshitake Kimata (President, Mission Connect, Former Member of the House of Councilors)

Affiliate Group Companies

Achievement is a proud member of the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations (Keidanren)

On April 1, 2019, Achievement Corporation has joined the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations (Keidanren) agreeing with the purpose of further promoting the "generation of leaders who can lead people with strong ties to both physical and mental well-being."
As a committed member, we strive to actively participate in policy proposals and social contribution activities led by the Federation.